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Scholarships Secretariat Registrar Commends Gov't's Commitment to Education

For the first time in ten years, government owes just 64 million Ghana cedis for one term of feeding grants to schools in the three regions of the north, according to the Registrar of the Scholarship Secretariat, Kingsley Agyemang.

The Registrar made this disclosure on the sidelines of a training workshop for bursars and headmasters in the Northern Region.

According to Mr. Agyemang, it was unprecedented in the history of the Northern Scholarship for a government to be so committed to education.

He said school heads are excited about the new development because they do not have to issue threats of closing down schools as a result of government’s indebtedness.

Mr. Agyemang said the same way government has shown commitment to executing free SHS by making money available it has replicated same in the northern scholarship programme.

The scholarship secretariat Registrar said his outfit is currently waiting for the schools to present their second term claims for it to be processed.

He said the government is very much committed to ensuring the education sector was equipped to deliver, adding that government does not also owe stipends to foreign students for the 2017 academic year.

He made mention of an appreciation letter received from the National Union of Ghana Student in Cuba for the enormous work government has done.

He said this year government had already paid stipends from January to March and owes just one month when it comes to the bilateral scholarship.

“This is unprecedented,” Mr Agyemang reiterated.

The meeting with the headmasters and bursars was to build their internal mechanism and prepare them adequately for the smooth running of the free Senior High School programme.