Foreign Tertiary

Foreign tertiary awards cover scholarships at the tertiary level of education in a foreign country. This is based on a Bilateral Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Government of the awarding country.

Currently, the countries that fall under this category include:

  1. Russia
  2. Hungary
  3. Algeria
  4. China
  5. Morocco
  6. German Government Doctoral Programme (DAAD)

In addition to the above, the Commonwealth Secretariat also award scholarships to Ghanaian at the postgraduate level based on a multilateral arrangement between Ghana and Commonwealth member countries.

There are other countries awarding scholarships to Ghanaians without a counterpart funding from the Government of Ghana.

These countries are:

  1. Australia Government Awards
  2. Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships
  3. Turkish Government Awards
  4. Mauritius Government Scholarship

Mode of Application

All scholarship offers under Bilateral Cooperation Agreements are received through Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. The role of the Secretariat in the administration of these scholarships entails:

  1. Publicity on Secretariat’s website and notice board, as well as one newspaper with nationwide circulation
  2. Receipt and processing of applications based on eligibility criteria
  3. Interviews and selection of applicants by a committee.
  4. Submission of selected applicants to awarding country for further consideration.
  5. Communication of awards to successful applicants.