Local Tertiary

The Local Tertiary awards are in form payment of Thesis and Bursary grants to Postgraduate Students in the Public Tertiary Institutions in Ghana.

The award also covers payment of Disability Grants to the Physically Challenged Ghanaian Students in Tertiary Institutions and Long Stay Allowance for Medical Science students in Public Tertiary Institutions in the country.

Mode of Application

  • Application forms are downloaded from the Secretariat’s website (www.ghanascholarshipsecretariat.com) after a registration code is sent to the various institutions at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Duly completed application forms must be endorsed by the designated institutional authority and submitted through the Dean of Graduate School to the Scholarships Secretariat. This facility does not apply to sandwich, part-time, private/fee paying students in public tertiary institutions.
  • The documents are vetted by the Secretariat to ensure conformity to eligibility criteria.
  • For Disability allowance, completed application forms must be accompanied with medical certificate stating the percentage of disability