Local Tertiary


 Applicants are to take note of the following;

Should have gained admission into a local tertiary institution

Should have registered and enrolled to undertake the course

The Institution should be accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB)

Categories of Local Tertiary Institutions (Private and Public)

Nurses/Teacher Training Colleges

Colleges of Agriculture


Technical Universities


Certificate awarding tertiary institutions

Continuing students should apply online between 1St April – 15Th May of each academic year.

New students who had late admission should apply between 1st – 30th September of each academic year

Applicants will undertake an online aptitude test during the application process.

Appear before a panel for interviews in your selected district

The information of the applicant will be forwarded to the institutions of the applicant for confirmation and validation.

Electronic award letters will be issued to the successful applicants by the Scholarships Secretariat.

Payment of scholarship entitlements to respective institutions